Books for the Heart

Hosted by Michelle at 1 More Chapter

Fifteen years ago, Michelle’s father died at the age of 44 while waiting for a heart transplant. In his honor and for other people who have died or suffered from a heart-related illness, Michelle is hosting a special event for the week of Valentine’s Day.This purpose of the reading event Books for the Heart is to raise money for the American Heart Association and/or to honor a loved one.  There are many ways to participate. You can sponsor yourself and donate a certain amount of money for every book you read or every page you read during February 1-14. You can ask for sponsors. You can donate a set amount. You can donate in a loved one’s name. Michelle asks that by participating you commit to donating a minimum of $5 to the American Heart Association. Other than that, you decide on how you’ll participate.

To learn more and to sign up, visit the post about the event.

I’ll list the books I read and dollar amount on this post when finished.

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